The QUALITY of Relationships matters most! #SauceTalk

I’m going to say something… and this may hurt.. But it’s also a motivational reminder to myself.

Stop focusing on the QUANTITY in relationships and focus on the QUALITY…

So many people SWEAR they have a close relationship with people, or they were so “cool” with them… But those people don’t FEEL close enough to you to reach out when they really need you… it’s crazy!

Pictures, texts, likes, etc will never mean as much as someone being able to be REAL, VULNERABLE, and RELY on you… People & social media are just making it worse for people to have real connections.

Every morning wake up with intentions to be a BETTER YOU… Friend/Parent/Partner/Sibling/Child/etc.

Be genuine with EVERYTHING you do or say! If more people were genuine about their intentions, the world would be a better place. Not everything is a come up but it is if you are GENUINE with people


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