How I Got 100 Followers #challenge

So, I recently hit 100 followers on medium after only being here a short time(almost 1 month) & there’s people joining this platform everyday so you can too! You want to reach 100 followers on Medium? YOU CAN DO IT! Me and the person reading this blog post, that is. Hi there, it’s a dream of mine to join the Medium Partner Program and earn money writing interesting content but, I need those follows! I assume you need them too if you’re reading this! So, I have a challenge. I saw a guy here on Medium & it only works with good intentions! If you plan on being on this platform awhile & actually delivering some impactful content, then this is for you.

It’s the whole idea of a follow for follow challenge. The idea being we all have passion & the same aspiration so why not support each other? I decided to write my own article and see if it works for me too!

Here’s how it works:

1. Follow me

2. Leave claps on my post (As many as possible. You’re allowed up to 50)

3. Leave a comment letting others know you’re participating & introduce yourself if you’d like

4. I follow you back

5. I clap for your comments

6. I go look at your posts and leave claps (I will give back equal claps for your posts so leave 50 & get 50)


Maybe you could try too if you’d like. So don’t waste any more time… FOLLOW ME! I will follow you back and NEVER unfollow. Deal? I love to help other writers and creators reach their goals as we learn this together! I’m just one of those fun, supportive, positive people! We can all accomplish our goals and live our DREAMS!

Now that I’ve got your follow, I want to thank you and tell you about myself. I’m a 25 year old millennial. I’ve been doing marketing for 10 years now & have been writing for 7. Trying to leave the street life alone fully. I created a blog on WordPress that turned into a music & media brand for musicians, creatives, music lovers & creatives. I just been working on building a personal brand for myself. I’m currently working on writing a few eBooks as well as running my own marketing company. I have small YouTube Channel at 90 subs at the time of writing this article. I really love the freedom of making money for myself and helping others realize their sauce to do the same! I’m a Jersey guy with a lot of sauce to give and lots of ambition! I hope you like my content. I work hard to give something special every time! Thanks for reading & Following! See you in the comments!




Founder @SauceFromVeliTV Journalist & Creative Marketer - Talking Music + more @ & a few other publications. SAUCING THINGS UP! Paving a way

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Founder @SauceFromVeliTV Journalist & Creative Marketer - Talking Music + more @ & a few other publications. SAUCING THINGS UP! Paving a way

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